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Default Shiba Inu walking issue


I have a 7 1/2 month old Shiba Inu named Akira. He appears to be healthy, attentive, playful and well on his way to becoming a very balanced, obedient and responsive dog.

My one concern at this point in his development is that when walking him--before or after having a bowel movement--he will often times halt or pull up on our walk to make a glancing pass at his tail and/or his hind quarters, and then promptly sit down. I give him a moment and then say "okay" and we may proceed for a few yards before he does the same thing again. He might spend only a fraction of a second actually biting his fur or hind leg, seeming rather to be happy just to sit. Then there are times when he seems quite content to stroll along and take in the day.

He does not appear to limp or show signs of pain when playing, taking stairs, entering or exiting the car. His coat is healthy; I have had him on a diet of Innova dog food as well as raw veggies, rice, oatmeal, some fruit and Nutrish (though I am currently phasing him into Innova "Evo" over the next week or so).

I have checked for fleas and flea dung in his coat and have come up with nothing that would indicate that is a problem. He doesn't seem to have an anal gland or duct issue and his stools seem normal and uneventful.

I have researched about hip dysplasia in pups and Akira doesn't seem to be showing signs of that--although just today I noticed he seemed a tad irritated a few times when I was gently massaging his hind quarters.

Could it be he might have strained a muscle and is on the mend or could this be the symptom of something more severe?

Looking forward to hearing from anyone with experience and suggestions to this issue. Much thanks!


Dan B.
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