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Thanks so much for the time you are taking to help me.

I am working hard on the obedience training and "walk to heel" and have today started treating Pepé as the alpha pup. So far so good. We were so lucky with Pepé and his behaviour that I didn't need to do much reading regarding dog psychology, etc but really regret the wasted 4 weeks when I could have been shaping Tilly so much better.

Whilst they both look at each other's food bowls and will each lick the other's after they have finished, there is no aggression or actual stealing of food. I suspect if I wasn't there to say "no" Tilly may have stolen Pepé's food and Pepé would no doubt have walked away. That said, I also think Pepé wouldn't miss an opportunity to help himself to Tilly's if he got half a chance. I have always stood around and watched them eat then removed the bowls when they finished.

They will both happily let me pet them at the same time but I sense Pepé is more relaxed about it than Tilly. If I am petting Tilly and Pepé walks up uninvited by me, she would then try and head him off. If I invite him to join us she reluctantly accepts his presence but will still try to be closer to me.

I guess, as there's no aggression, I'm off to an OK start and hopefully things can only get better.

You mention about being consistent. Tilly understands some commands but obeys about 70% of the time. She has probably received mixed messages from me due to the initial inconsistency in my behaviour so, again, things should now improve.

Pepé was a very playful puppy but doesn't like dogs to sniff his under side since his operation at 1 year old for the liver shunt. His scar runs the length of his body and I guess he feels vulnerable. He loves to play chase and will happily play until a dog sniffs at his tummy. He seems to have lost that feeling of vulnerability with Tilly and they will happily sniff each other and he will sometimes lick her on the end of her nose but, so far, no playing. Hopefully, again this may change as our bonds develop.

I will pop an update on this thread in 3 weeks' time to let you know the outcome. Many thanks again.
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