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Hi again Melissa,

Good to Riley's training is coming along so well! The crate training you are doing now is great and will set you in good stead for the coming months. Be sure however that when you do finally close the door on her to leave her unsupervised, that you do not leave her alone for more than a couple of hours. Crate training is not designed to keep dogs housed unsupervised for longer than this and doing so will only create more problems in the future with her behavior.

You will need to take care when taking Riley out in the mornings if it is very cold and do not force her out. If it is too cold for her, just continue with the paper training until the weather becomes a bit warmer!!

As for the poop eating, you are right in trying to pick up poop straight away. This is obviously the best way to avoid this problem. Be sure to give her a quick guttural growl of 'AAAAH'! as well so she knows that behavior is inappropriate and to hopefull help her drop the poop straight away.

Other tried and true techniques to stop your dog eating poop include:

Try lacing the stools with pepper, or perhaps you could try Tabasco sauce, or lemon juice. However, some dogs will eat the poop regardless of the taste.

There is a product on the market called Forbid that is added to a dog's diet to make feces distasteful. Some people get good results from using this, but it is not always effective.

Some have added pineapple or spinach to their dog’s diet, while others use a meat tenderizer. This makes the poop less palatable.

You could try combining the poop eating with a reprimand so that your dog knows that you are not happy with this behavior. You leave a poop in the yard, and when she approaches it, give her a firm reprimand, by squirting her with cold water, or shaking a can of pebbles. It is not recommend to issue a verbal reprimand as this may just be giving her the attention she is seeking. If you do this for a month, with any luck, she would have learned that eating feces is not appropriate.

On the occasions that you do not catch your dog eating poop, reprimands are not recommended. For reprimands to be effective you need to issue them at the same time that the unwanted behavior is occurring. Doing them after the fact will have no effect on the poop eating behavior.

Best of luck with Riley and continue to give us updates!! Merry christmas

Kind regards,

SitStayFetch Team
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