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Conversation Between MaxHollyNoah and Saint Crazy Lady
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  1. Saint Crazy Lady
    02-07-2012 01:19 PM
    Saint Crazy Lady
    Hi. I found this post a few days ago when trying to send you something I thought you might like after reading your posts about Dundee. It would not send so I'll try this. Thank you for your advice. I found it a bit late but with our situation I really could not seperate her from my dogs over much. They are all house dogs and there isn't much possibility of keeping her with just one dog. I do a lot of juggling and she does get quiet time in her crate after their run and breakfast. I have to keep the muzzle on her most of the time when out of the crate but I do have her interacting with the others without it when I can. She has shown improvement but is Jeckle and Hyde at times. Evenings seem to be worse for her. She gets edgy. I know she needs more excercise than my older dogs but preferiential treatment will not work on several levels. It is just the one dog she is not comfortable with now, in my pack anyway. I have not taken anymore chances with other dogs not of my pack.
  2. MaxHollyNoah
    01-15-2012 03:49 PM
    Hi Saint Crazy Lady,

    I just saw your message in my Visitor Messages and I would like to help you but it is very difficult to give advices without actually seeing those scenes. Also, I think it will be more effective if you put your posting up on the forum so that more people who have experience with the specific breed. With that said, here are my questions and thoughts:

    I agree with you that the St. Bernard didn't get much of socialization so that she doesn't know how to co-exist with other dogs. If she is still young and if you are willing to give her socialization, this is what I would do but I would never risk my own dogs' mental and physical damages (too much stress or injuries).

    I would let her meet with your 5 dogs one at a time, in an enclosed area (not on leash, since leashed dogs act up more easily) to see which one of them the SB feels most comfortable. It might be an opposite sex one. First few days, she will only be around with that selected dog. In the mean time, you will want to give the SB your house rules (in my house, follow the pecking order, with is based on the seniority in addition to the regular rules and guidance) in a clear and firm manner and I hope your existing dog can be helpful to show her how she behaves in and around the house. As she gets used to living nicely with the selected dog, include your top dog in the group and see how it goes.

    Once the top dog accepts her and she behaves as the bottom dog in the pack, you might want to gradually expand the group but again, make sure she takes the bottom's role.

    If this doesn't work out, I am sorry but I would not keep her if I were you. I appreciate your effort to save her but your own dogs have the priority. Thank you for what you are doing and good luck on this case.
  3. Saint Crazy Lady
    01-10-2012 11:06 PM
    Saint Crazy Lady
    Maybe you can help. I rescue St. Bernards. My pack consists of 5 dogs, most of whom will be 8 yrs. over the next few months. I recently pulled a dog from the shelter that was to be put down. She is young. I put her at no more than 2yrs. if that. She had been adopted but as the story goes when she was put in the backyard with the 2 residing dogs a fight ensued and she and all her wounds were removed from there and surrendered to another shelter which was where I came in. When she first meets another dog she seems fine and then will suddenly turn and attack. I had introduced her to my pack one at a time and she was fine at first but within minutes she would show some sign of fear/aggression towards them. Generally a low quick growl if the dog moved and made her nervous. I introduced them from lowest on heirarchy ladder to my alpha female and even with her she was fine for the first few minutes but then I saw she was tensing up and interceded just before she could start a fight. She is definately more Alpha than my female but I do not feel as though I should let her take over that role with my pack as I am fostering her until a forever home can be found. The idea was for me to have her here with my gentle giants so that she could see that not all dogs would attack her. I don't know if I am reading the situation right or not but I think that maybe she was not around other dogs after she left her litter before being put at the pound and then into an established pack. I can not determine if it is fear or a need for dominance that drives her. I took her to an off leash place when I thought she was ready and amongst hundreds of dogs she was fine and no issues. A few days later we were walking the hills and a dog ran up to us and she was fine with it for about 4 minutes then turned and attacked it. Several days later she did the same thing to another dog of a different color, fine for a few minutes then not fine. She calls off and is not overly aggresive when she starts these attacks. A couple of days ago I was not able to head it off and she went at my female that by that time had had enough. She had my dog down and when I pulled her away my dog went at her repeatedly until my husband was able to get out to pull our dog away. I have the foster back on a muzzle most of the time and watch her every move trying to keep the peace but this will not help her if I do not find a way to get her past this. You have had experience in this. What are your thoughts. Thanks

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