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Dog Behavior Problems

Share your dog's behavior problems such as aggression, barking, biting, chewing, digging, growling, howling, jumping, separation anxiety and whining with others. Many members have been through what you are experiencing... so you can learn from them.

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by djhawkins4320May 13th, 8:22 pm
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May 15th, 10:01 am

Dog Behavior Training

Do you have an unruly dog? Do you want to train your dog yourself? Discuss your reservations and/or concerns. OR have you had success in training your dog? Why not share with others what you found works and what doesn't.

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Feb 25th

Dog Consultations

Consultations as asked by Kingdom of Pets customers and answered by Kingdom of Pets dog experts.

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Nov 20, 2015

Dog Grooming

Different dog breeds have different grooming requirements. Discuss the requirements of your dog and learn tips and techniques that will reduce of even stop your trips to the groomers.

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by djhawkins4320Jul 17, 2015
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Apr 23rd

Dog Health

Discuss dog health topics such as common illnesses, diet, first aid and preventative medicine. After all, everyone wants a fit and healthy dog that's and full of life.

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by Lucky7Aug 10, 2008
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Jul 29, 2015

Dog House Training

Discuss your dog house training issues and share what has worked for you.

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Dog Lovers Corner

This area is for general dog chat, dog stories, triumphs and tribulations, dog news and your dog pictures.

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