"Crazy dog" behavior getting worse...

Posted by nikkihscolumbusrrcom
Aug 17, 2010
We have a 10-month old rough collie (male & neutered) who is very sweet and has few issues -- except for one. Every other day or so, he will start tearing through the house at top speed, back and forth, so wildly that he jumps up on furniture (not allowed) or onto us & sometimes crashing into things. My husband (who is [I]not[/I] trainable) used to think it was funny and would encourage the dog. Now it seems to be getting out of hand and we almost have to hide until his "crazy dog" moments are over. Any thoughts?
Posted by kjd
Aug 17, 2010
Hi, nikkihs.

First thought: how much exercise do you give him? Sounds as if, ever so often, he has to drain some energy.

Do you play any games with him? Ball would be a good one. Whenever he starts up, encourage him to charge out into the back yard and spend some time throwing a ball for him. If he tends to not bring it back, that's OK. Keep a couple of balls near the back door (where he can't get at them). You throw one. He gets it and brings it close. You show him a second ball. Entice him to get it, then throw it. He will probably drop the first ball as he goes after the second. Try to get him close to you when he drops the ball. You can throw as many balls as you have, before you have to pick up the first slimy one! You'll probably tire out before he does, but stop the game when you do get tired. Pick up the balls you can reach and go inside. If he follows, you can get him to drop the last ball by offering a treat. By now, he shouldn't need to dash around.

With the dog calmed down a bit, have your husband take him for a nice long walk, while you scrub the slime from your hands.

Think that will work?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 18, 2010
Hey there,

A young dog like yours needs as much entertainment and enrichment as possible. As kjd said, try to get as much exercise into your dogs life as possible - walks, ball play, frisbees are amazing toys for high energy dogs.

On top of this, try to buy/use enrichment toys that get your pup thinking, thus occupying him in a more stimulating way. Kong toys are great, and you can make your own (cheaper) version by putting food into plastic bottles with spill holes poked in. Hide your dogs favorite toys in a box or under something, and have him work to get the toys out. Simple training routines can act in this way too; work with your dog on new tricks/commands every day. Dogs, especially working types like collies, really enjoy learning new things. If you keep him inside for a good part of the day, activities like this can help occupy his mind, and keep him from his outbursts of energy.

I'd say these outbursts will calm down with age, but not for a couple years probably, so you should try your hardest to manage his energy with time occupying, fun activities you both can enjoy. Long walks, run, bike rides, outside games, etc. You could see if your community has agility courses you could enroll in, or activities like fly ball. These allow your pup to socialize and get heaps of energy out!

Hope you can curb those episodes!