10 month old suddenly aggressive towards men

Posted by cate
Oct 26, 2009
My 10 month old australian shepard is suddenly aggressive towards men. If a man comes to the door, men who pass us while walking and even men who often come to the house. Help......what can I do? I am afraid he is going to bite someone.
Posted by LetsPlay
Nov 4, 2009
Hi there,

do you have any explanation on why he might react this way so suddenly?
Has he had a bad experience?
Sometimes one thing happens and a dog connects it with something else, for example, a dog might be frightened by a loud bang while being in the garden and suddnley they avoid this spot in the garden and it scares them.
Your dog might have got frightened by something and now connects this with men.

Has your dog had a lot of socialization with lots of different people?
If not, try to do that on a daily basis. Get men to give your dog treats and pet him if possible. Take it easy and do it in small steps. The more positive associations with men the better. Choose the tastiest treats that you can think of.
With time your dog will realize that men are actullay fun to be around.
Try to socialize him in different situations. Get men to come to the door, get men to sit on the sofa, get them to walk past you on the street etc. The more situations you can think off the better.

Let us know how you get on.