14 mth old doberman

Posted by Lyndsay
Mar 28, 2008
Whenever i leave my doberman on her own whether it be for 2 mins or an hour she picks dirty socks and knickers out of the washing and lies on them when i try to take them off her she crys. She has a wonderful nature but can be very protective. Why does she do this and how do i stop her im running out of socks!
And yes i have tried moving everything but she still manages to get to them
Posted by Todd
Apr 2, 2008
Hi there and thanks for the question.

Sounds like your doberman may have a mothering instinct
Firstly lets make sure that she has a comfortable and roomy bed of her own to sleep on. She may just want to sleep on something soft and these items are great for it.

If you do get her a bed make sure you puts lots of toys into it and make sure you praise her heaps when she gets in it to sleep. Praise will build up her love of her bed and hopefully help you out a little too

Now if the issue isn't a comfort thing there are 2 general ways we can deal with it.

1) Reprimand -
Everytime you catch her with a sock in her mouth (but not sleeping on the socks) tell her off sternly. Use a loud GRRRR or AHHHHH and give her a squirt with a water pistol. Take the socks etc away from her and take her out of the room where it happened.

Remember dogs only have short memories so catching her while she is sleeping on them and telling her off won't help YOu must catch her in the act.

2) Taste -
Now dogs hate bad tastes so this is a great way to stop them from putting certain things in her mouth. Some good products are paprika, cayenne pepper, tabasco or sour grape mix. You may want to use a few dummy socks left lying around the place to catch her out.

Some good bad taste products are available at your vets so have a look out.

I can imagine how frustrating this may be but let me know how things go and if i can help anymore

Posted by Lyndsay
Apr 26, 2008
Hi Todd

Thanks for the suggestions i tried the paprika but she seemed to like taste so got a spray from the vets which seems to have worked (fingers crossed) she hasnt touched any clothing for a while now.

Thanks again