2 problems need help!!

Posted by Robin-Simmons
Oct 13, 2008
My puppy's name is Dexter, he is a 7 month old Bischon/Papillon, and he must be part goat, he grazes on everything outside, grass, weeds, tree bark, tree lims, I have been debating wheather or not to use a muzzle or not. We also have an out door cat that has started coming around, Dexter chases him and barks at him and all we do is go around in circles, the cat got him on his nose the other day, I'm tring to get rid of the cat, but Dexter needs to know not to do this. I could put his lead all the time, but he loves to run in our yard. If anyone has any suggestions pleas let me know. Thank you, Robin Simmons(USA)
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Oct 14, 2008
He's precious! I would not worry about his grazing habits. Dogs can deal with eating weird stuff outside. Eating grass is very normal and is fiber for him. They also get minerals and nutrients from the dirt they ingest as gross as that may sound. At 7 months he may be teething. Be sure to offer him chew bones in the house. He'll probably out grow the habit of eating everything outside soon. He's kind of like a crawling baby that puts everything it its mouth to explore it.

As far as the cat, he'll learn. The cat will learn too. Unless you are really worried that the cat will hurt him, I would let those two work it out. Your dog probably learned a good lesson when the cat scratched him--he won't get so close next time. If you are out with him and you see the cat, clap your hands loudly at the cat. It will run away. The cat is just probably curious about the cute little dog in your yard.

I hope that helps. Enjoy him.