2 retrievers getting along problem

Posted by Belin
Sep 11, 2007
I had a golden retriever, TT, girl of 1 3/4 years old. A week ago I adopted a new golden, Pool, boy of 10 months. TT was very generous and nice to Pool when he came home, she was willing to share everything. Pool has been grown up among a group of cats that were not too friendly to him, then finally been deserted. When TT tried to play with him, first he did not respond, if TT pushed some more, he nipped to drive her away. Pool just want to get people's attention, he showed no interest in getting along with TT at all.

1. should i leave them to find a way getting along or what should i do to help the situation?
Posted by Blue
Mar 26, 2008
How are things with your retrievers?
I'm trying to catch up on older posts that weren't replied to I hope things are better!