3 problems with staffy

Posted by raffy
Sep 3, 2008
Hi - this is a bit long winded! We got our staffy cross (with what I do not know!) at 6 months old - she is now 2. Her behaviour has come on leaps and bounds and she is now, usually, obedient - I feel comfident that she will come to me when called etc. However I have 3 problems I do not know how to solve-

1. Aggression towards other dogs - when we first got her she chased everything that moved - horses, cows etc - after being kicked by a horse she no longer does this and I successfully used a ball as distractions past fields of animals. I want her to be social towards other dogs or ignore them if that is the case. Up to about 3 months ago she was very friendly towards other dogs - used to play with them. A few little dogs have had a go at her and she has retaliated. Now I am nervous walking her - when I come across a dog we do not know (she is ok with those we know) I have to put the lead on and take her away as I cannot trust her not to start a fight. I have tried not to have her on a lead when the other dog is not on a lead and she started a fight with a spaniel the other day. There seems to be no reason - some dogs she is ok with - others she fights. The only thing I can think of is that we do the same walk 2 times a day - the dogs she met when she was young she is fine with - it seems to be new dogs on 'our' walk. Is there anything I can do - I can control the situation if I get my dog on the lead and get her out of the way - however sometimes the other dog comes to pester her and follows us - I find it difficult and stressful! She shows no sign of aggression whatsoever to humans.

2. Although house trained she regularly wees on the floor during the night. It does not make any difference whether I walk her at 11 pm or let her out late at night. I am up by 6.30 and she has usually done a wee. She can stay at home all day during the day and has no accidents - any ideas!

3. When we are out she climbs on the table to see where we are and walks along the work surface - she does not do this when we are in even when we are out of the room.

If I can sort these three problems I'll be very happy!!!!
Posted by Annie
Sep 4, 2008
Hi there,
hmmm...I can´t help at all with weeing on the floor, but I think with the walk problems you may have said it yourself. I was going regular to a dog park until I found my dog picking fights with 'new' dogs. I stopped going to that area and started new sites, and then when I returned SHE was the newie and it was fine again. Varying the walks would be good.

When both dogs are off line, is it possible for you to leave? My dog will socialise quickly then run to catch me up...will this work?To be honest, I used an electric collar for hunting in the forest. Low charge and the problem was gone in 3 days. You say she runs after animals? How far away are they? Is it possible for you to work with her on a long line? She is allowed to travel a certain distance from you but no further, and then she will be stopped, recall and give treats.. It is important to train these methods with no distractions, then add a few distractions and by the time you are meeting other animals she is 99% reliable.

I also like to, when meeting ANY dog ( friend or newie) is to stop, sit my dog, and talk a while with the other owner. ( other dog also under control) In this way the dog is being asked to show repect to us as humans, but it also gives the dogs a moment or two to size each other up. If it looks fine ( ask the other owner about this) then let them play, but walk away from the other owner. If your dog needs an escape you should be seperate. If it doesn´t feel OK, walk on and meet the next dog. The odgs should not be leaping up to each other with their owners towed behind
hope something helps.