4 dogs

Posted by Monica
Jul 23, 2010
Hi, I have 4 malteses, momi 3 year old name Angel, and her 3 puppies. Angel Still barking so much and I did try every single advice, except the chocking collars, I think that is terrible. Any way, please help me what I can do, I love her so much but when some one come home she can not stop barking, for about 10 minutes, I offer her the treats and once she get it, go back again, I take her to a room by herself, once I let go out, star all over again, pick her up, still barking, you named I think I already did it. Because she barks so much the other 3 puppies start barking very bad, please help me.

Thank you.

Posted by KOPCaroline
Jul 25, 2010
Hi there,

First off, do you know what she is barking at? Is she watching out a window while barking, or just wandering around constantly making noise? Are there odd sounds or things that trigger it?

In general, you could try getting a DAP (dog appeassing hormone) plug in for your home, which works by releasing natural sedating hormones into your home that work on your dog and makes them less anxious and can be useful in relieving unwanted behaviors.

You can also get citronella collars or high frequency noise collars, which are triggered by the dog barking and release an annoying stimulus every time the dog does bark, which makes them less likely to continue.

Let us know some more details about the barking, hopefully we can help!
Posted by Monica
Aug 17, 2010
Thank you for your previous answer.

Angel the mommi, is the one that bark the most. She barks to people that come to the house, even pepople that she knows already for years, and bark like for 10 minutes and if the person moves or talk start all over again, and at the time to leave that person the house she starts barking again and try to neable their legs.

Also one of the sons he is afraid to everything and when some one come home he barks and walk backwards, we try to introduce him to the person but some times does not work. If they bark the other two starts, and then no one obey, I try treats, they get it and start again.

I hope you understand my problem, I don't want to use collars or anything to hurt them, I love them all.

Please help.

Posted by kjd
Aug 17, 2010

Please stop the treats. Your puppies think you are rewarding them for barking!

Go back to the time-out system, but remember that it can be long and frustrating. Angel barks. You put her away. She quiets down for 30 seconds. You bring her out. She barks. You put her away. She quiets down for 30 seconds. And so on. Try to get a friend to act as the "guest," since you will be spending most of your time putting Angel away and letting her out, rather than visiting. Remember she thinks you liked the barking. After all, you gave her a treat when she barked! So this is going to take some time. You may find, the first time your "guest" comes, that you get tired of it. Then put Angel away and walk your "guest" out of the house. Angel now comes out with nobody to bark at.

Do your dogs know "down"? Get them each a bed for the living room and start teaching them to go to their place and lie down. It is hard to bark from a down position. So you will be adding the idea of their staying on their beds when people come over. But don't use it until you have the barking under control.

If your dogs are going wild when you come home, ignore them. Don't greet them until they quiet down. Have your guests ignore them also. (Hard to do when the little one is in your face, but do your best!)

These are three ways of getting the dogs under control. Ignoring the dogs goes with taking them for a timeout. People like to talk to the dogs and pet them. (I am bad about this.) Since Angel is already excited, this will just increase her excitement.

Teaching them their place is something you should use just with house members. Use it off and on during the day -- maybe while you are watching TV. Ultimately, you want to use it when people are over, but I think it is asking too much of Angel and company right now. Just work on her keeping her mouth shut.

Hope this helps some,
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 18, 2010
Hey Monica,

Sorry to hear its not improving so far!

I totally overlooked the treats comments, sorry . You definitely want to stop this, as kjd said, its only reinforcing the behaviour to the dogs to reward them for the barking.

I would say teaching them a "quiet" command, and using it throughout the day, as well as using time out is the best bet. It might take some time, as stated above, but it should work. You just have to be very repetitious, and be sure to shut mommy dog away EVERY time she barks unnecessarily. Dogs don't like to be shut up alone, and she should learn that if she barks too much, it will happen.

It sounds like she's partially setting the pups off, so hopefully calming her down will rub off on them. If not, teach them the same way, using ignoring and time outs.

kjd's idea of each dog having their own bed space is a good one, they will recognize this as their safe area, especially if you leave them to be quiet while they are on their beds.

Work with a friend in the beginning, then gradually switch people and scenarios, so that your dogs become accustomed to lots of people entering in different ways.

Its important at this time to expose those three puppies to as much of the world as you can. This will help them calm down reacting to people entering the house. Expose them to lots of people, other dogs, other animals, sights, sounds, smells...everything! Socialization, heaps of it, makes for friendly, confident dogs, which are less likely to go into barking fits

Hopefully you start to see results, good luck!
Posted by Monica
Aug 18, 2010
Thank you Caroline and KJD for your reply to my problem with my pups, it looks like I have to start all over again, and I will do it, I will try again until Angel learn, the other 3 are better at this. Well thanks again.

I will let you know how we are doing with Little Angel.