A Big Dangerous Garden

Posted by Risa
Jun 28, 2010
I have a very naughty beagle that likes to slip into the garden. He could slip perfectly through the garden gate without me knowing even on my watch!So actually it is ok for him to do that but the thing is that my Mom spray chemicals on the garden to get rid of the dengue fever. I read in the book that dogs in cages for a long time could grow aggresive and my mom said that I am not allowed to make him go out of the cage for one whole week. Right now he bites several times already! What should I do? Note that I have a big house and he likes to go to the garden most and there is some sort of hill beside his cage and that's the only area where he's allowed to go to now but he likes the garden better. I don't want him to die.....
Posted by kjd
Jun 28, 2010
Hi, Risa.

Sounds as if you have a darling puppy! But he is a puppy a baby. Just like a human baby, he cannot be allowed to just wander around on his own. If you cannot watch him, he should either be in his crate or a fenced off portion of the house (someplace where there is nothing he can hurt or that can hurt him). Whenever you let him out, first take him outside to pee and poop. Praise him when he does it. Also take him out after eating or playtime check the book on housetraining for information on this.

To play with your puppy, get him some toys. Balls are good -- just make sure they are big enough that he cannot get them caught in his mouth. Try to find toys for him to chew. At his age, he is going to want to chew and he needs to chew. If he doesn't have anything, he'll find things to chew and your mother will be furious when she sees the bite marks on furniture legs or your father's shoes with holes!

A puppy is a big responsibility. Is there anyone helping you with him? It would really be easier for you and the puppy if you had some help.

When you return to school, that is going to be a long time for him to be alone. So work hard with him this summer, so he'll be ready for the fall.