Aggression Please Help so we don't have to put her down

Posted by lipin3
Nov 4, 2007

I am new this is my first posting. I have a 3yr old JRT, Zoey, and a 16wk old Aussie, Bella. The JRT has been attacking the Aussie to the point of bloodshed. 1st was over food then over my 2yr old nephew, then a toy and now just because. She started getting aggressive towards our other Aussie, Stelle who died last year, but never like this. She was fine for the time we had no other animals. I have the book and read every word including the alpha & the aggression extras. I have done what they say. It has been a nightmare she howls, now that she is not in our room, all night. She has not been aggressive towards us at all only the other dogs we can take her food her toys her bones anything, till yesterday, she nipped & growled at me when I went to take her off our bed. My Husband says he will not tolerate aggression of any kind; I agree but don't just want to have her put down. We have even tried tranquilizers even when on them she has attacked. I looked at the rescue website & they do not place aggressive dogs.

I am at a loss as to what to do next Please help.

Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Nov 6, 2007
Hi Lisa.

I am heartbroken to hear that you might have to choose to put your JR down. Please give her a little more time.

I understand that it is a nightmare to see her attacking your other dog but I am trying to understand why she started becoming so aggressive. Isn't she being protective and jealous because your Aussie is growing so fast and maybe she has a fear aggression. How long have you had your 16 week old Aussie? Did the aggression start after you got the Aussie?

I still think you can correct Zoey's behavior. I am not very familiar with JRs but aren't they small? Can you scold her firmly and make her down on her back when she growls at you? If you are afraid, it won't work. You just have to be strong and confident. Can you or your husband do that?

When I first brought my youngest rescue dog (about 1 yr old at that time) home a year ago, he tried to snap my 15 yr old dog. I grabbed his nose and told him that snapping my old dog is not acceptable very firmly. It was the only time he did that to my old dog.

Sorry I can't give you a good advice but I hope you will work it out.