Aggression at times

Posted by Helen-M
Oct 30, 2008
I have three dogs, two GSP's 7 and 3,5 years old and a Springer Spaniel 3 months old that we got one week ago.
The young one is still in training but the two GSP's are well behaved. Listen to commands and follow them.

All dogs are male and intact. We have always had male dogs and left them intact.

My 3,5 year old pointer got really aggressive with another dog (timid) a couple of months back. A month went by and everything went back to normal but he has since then shown aggressiveness 3 more times. I have managed to stop him taking if further but HOW do I stop these reactions and why do they all of a sudden now appear?
It can not have anything to do with the new puppy as he has only been with us for a week and my 3,5 year old is good as gold with him, well both the GSP's are.
Both GSP's love each other to bits and the older one is like a father to the younger one.

Can anyone help me and put me in the right direction?

Helen M
Posted by KOPsRobyn
Jan 23, 2010
Hi there,

You may find that it helps to get your 3,5 year old neutered, because the high levels of testosterone present will be contributing quite a lot to the aggression. Dogs will react differently to being kept entire, and you may find that there is quite a difference in aggression levels once he has been neutered.

I hope this helps!