Aggression within the pack

Posted by dishers
Aug 8, 2010
I have a 10y Alaskan malamute/wolf and 7m tibetan mastiff both male.
My oldest has always been the alpha dog and knows his place in the family pack. Our puppy who is now 100lbs is challenging for the alpha role I think. They are both on a raw diet. At food time there are no issues but toys places in the house etc. Are difficult. Toys are given out when I choose and when I see an issue arising I remove the puppy from the situation. My oldest often puts the puppy in it's place but lately puppy is aggressively standing his ground. Has injured lip of older dog.
This weekend we had a female puppy. Both pious are still intact. We have had at least three fights with both my dogs female puppy has not always been in the same space. The puppy will not back down. Very difficult to hold back 2 dogs over 100 lbs. How can I prevent the attacks from my two dogs. I am so worried the the older dog will get hurt. Also it scares the crap out of my guests.
Thanks in advance
Posted by KOPCaroline
Aug 10, 2010
Hi Dishers,

I’m not entirely convinced your puppy is challenging outright. 7 months old is a good age to just be annoying and extremely playful. Are you sure its outright aggression, and not just puppy getting carried away with himself? When he starts to “stand his ground”, try to distract him, or remove him from the situation. You want to work on deterrence if his behaviour is a problem.

Are either of your dogs castrated? You might consider castrating your puppy if not, it can help with behaviour.

The female puppy fights could have just been triggered by a new, female being thrown into the mix, temporarily. This adds stress on dogs, even if they like the new dog. And if you’re dog aren’t castrated, well then, there could be other reasons for acting out

To help the situation you should always feed your older dog first, give him toys first, and so on. Always do it in front of the puppy. This will help him remember he’s #2 in the dog pack. Both your dogs have dominant breed personalities, so these little aides on your part should help.

Try giving it more time, while using the deterrence and preferential treatment of your older dog, and see if your pup doesn’t calm down with age. When our 2 dogs were around that age they NEVER left each other alone, and now they are both around a year old and are much better about behaviour.

Good luck, let us know how it goes!
Posted by dishers
Aug 10, 2010
Thank you for your reply. I am sure it is aggression with the pup. It os different then his puppy tendencies. Latly Odin growls and puppy shows his teeth. We remove the puppy not Odin from the situation but he will now go for Odins throat with full force. After me Odin always goes first. Through doors, food, treats, toys etc. When we try to hold there coolers to remove them from the situation it escalates. Puppy has already Hirt Odin on the lip. Since then Odin does not tolerate anything. If unnoticed he will block entrances our dinner anything he feels on that day. Odin is neutered puppy is scheduled to be at 10 months. These encounters happen quickly. I see the look then the growl by the time we get to them puppy is in the zone. And Odin. We did put the gentle leaders on them one day for control. But can't have them on 24/7 puppy is same size as Odin in height and almost in weight. They are both 29" at the withers and over 100lbs. Lots of weight for me.