Aggressive Dog... Trying the "ignore" training method

Posted by shay
Jun 4, 2012
My dachshund is very aggressive. The "Secrets to Dog Training" manual suggests ignoring your dog for 2 days before beginning the five week behavior correction. How do I ignore my dog if he gets up on the couch and walks over to my lap? Should I set him on the floor? If I get up and walk away as a way of ignoring him, he stays on the couch anyway. It's very frustrating. Any help?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Jun 14, 2012
Hi Shay,

First off, good luck with aggression training - I know it can be a handful! As far as ignoring, you can try just getting up and walking away, but if your dog just stays on the couch as you said, I'd try pushing him off. You can combine the ignoring aggression training with training him that he can't get on furniture without you saying its ok to. So anytime he jumps up - push him off.

You may have a bit of trouble at first, he may growl or repeatedly jump up, just keep pushing him off without saying anything or really looking at him.

I wish you the best of luck! Please let us know how things go!