Aggressive but Sweet Rescue Boxer

Posted by lweible
Aug 23, 2009
Hi my name is Linda

I have had two male boxers since they were puppies, one is 7yrs old (Mac) and one is 4yrs old (Moe), they get along great, until I rescued a 3yr old male boxer (Stitch). When Stitch first came home he got along fine with both Mac and Moe. Then about three weeks after Stitch came, he decided he hated Moe and the fight has been on ever since. I have had Stitch about 2 1/2 months now. I can't even have them in the same room together, as soon as they make eye contact, we are breaking up fights. I have started using the method in the Secrets to Dog Training for aggressive dogs but it's not look good. I have had dogs all my life but never have I seen two dogs that seem to hate each other so much!!! They are both very sweet dogs with my family and friends but when they see each other they become wild dogs. Stitch gets along great with Mac, in fact they play together. Right now we make sure they are in seperate rooms of the house at all times and we let them outside at different times, one of us stands at the front door and one at the back door so that Moe can be let out and one of us brings Stitch in. If anyone has any suggestions or can tell me what I'm dong wrong PLEASE let me know ASAP. I'm desperate to solve this and help them to get along.
Posted by KOPsarah
Aug 26, 2009
hi lweible and thanks for your post,
I can understand that this must be a very stressful situation. I would just like to ask for a little bit more information so that I can help you work on a suitable solution. First of all which if any of the dogs is de sexed? Secondly of Mac and Moe who is normally the dominant one? Thirdly who intitates the fights between Moe and Stitch? Finally does stitch show signs of being generally dominant for example does he barge through doorways, demand attention, not allow touching of head, paws or other areas etc. ?