Posted by Rann
Jan 6, 2008
I got a Shiba-Inu Blend(Alaska Klee-Kai)
I got Gunner at 8 weeks old he is now 12 weeks. I have been trying to get him to stop bitting ,I have even try ed peanut butter on my hand and would say nice kiss no bite. still nipping so I try ed what i read on this training where you "AAA" growl at the dog, he , growled back and attacked.
I also found while out walking him I was using a choke chain which he was really good at not puling the lead and strayed by my side at all times .( I have been shown the proper use of a choke chain by a professional)I just read on one of you lessons that you are against it , so I try ed to walk him with just his normal collier and had a heck of a time with him, I try ed this for two days, and had to go back to the chain as soon as I put him on the choke chain he was a different dog very well behaved.
I have found that I am spending a lot of time reading about the proper method of training you dog a lot of information to retain 90% of this course is training us the owners . spending more time on studying this course than training the dog. Don't get me wrong I believe in your methods. This is truly a learning expedience for me.
Posted by Todd
Jan 6, 2008
Hi there Rann
Thank you for your email about Gunner.

Firstly I would encourage you, and any other family members, to read the bonus book "Secrets to becoming the Alpha Dog". This book will give you a good understanding of the hierarchical nature and behavior of your dog. Follow the tips in this book as much as possible and you should get good results within a couple of weeks.

If you treat your dog as an equal it may well see it as an opportunity to challenge your position. For example, be aware that allowing your dog onto the couch, bed, etc will give it the leeway that it needs to be able to challenge your position as the alpha dog in the relationship. This behavior change may occur quite gradually, without you even noticing it, until your dog starts showing aggressive tendencies when you try to move it!

Here are some ways to reinforce your position-
1) If you come across your dog while he is sleeping or lying on the floor then you can reinforce your position as alpha dog by making him move so that you can pass by.
2) Make sure that you always go through doorways first. A good method to reinforce your position as alpha dog is to walk your dog around the house on the leash, making your dog wait while you walk through doorways first.
3) At mealtimes make sure that your dog or dogs eat after all of the humans have.
4) Do not feed your dog tidbits or let it pester you at the table. Save the morsels and tidbits for training sessions instead.
5) Do not greet your dog straightaway when you arrive home. Make it wait until you are ready and then call it to you.
6) Whenever your dogs want attention or anything wait till they are sitting and being well behaved.
7) When you give a command make sure that you are in a position to enforce the action that you require from your dog, especially in the initial stages of Alpha Dog training. Also, use the Alarm-No-Command technique as described in the Alpha Dog bonus book to reprimand your dog if it does not obey your command.
Generally I do not recommend people give their dogs bones as this encourages the aggression, because in the wild the alpha dog would be the only one to have the privilege of chewing the bones.

You have to let your puppy know that its biting is unacceptable. The best way to do this is by demonstrating yourself as the alpha dog by growling menacingly, the way an alpha dog would.

*Sit down with your puppy and hold out your hand. If the puppy bites growl sharply, say "AAHH" rather then "NO", and do not yell it, growl it; make it quite gutteral (even if this gives you a sore throat).

*Hold out your hand again, and if your puppy goes to bite it again, growl again but stand up suddenly at the same time. Walk away for a few minutes.

*Then come back and sit down to play again, hold out your hand once more. If the puppy goes to bite for a third time be ready for it and give the puppy a little thump on the nose and growl once more (thump hard enough for the puppy to actually feel it) with the hand you are holding out. Generally, I do not recommend you hit your puppy, however, in your particular case this may be the only thing that will get the message across.

*Hold out your hand again, and by then your puppy should be wary of your hand (be aware that the hand biting behavior is probably a habit by now).

If he has attacked when you have used this method you may want to have him on his chain and have another person there when you are training him to avoid any problems.

Be sure not to let any visitors or strangers encourage the hand biting. I have found that many people think a puppy biting hands is cute because it does not hurt. And they are rewarding the puppy for biting, this is neither fair to the puppy or the owner who has to deal with a puppy who, grows bigger and stronger every day, and bites.

Never play tug of war games with your dog if you are having nipping problems. This will just encourage out of control behavior.

I would not recommend the peanut butter trick as this will only teach gunner that your hand is food, not ideal!

I personally don't have a problem with choke chains as long as they are used appropriately. it sounds like you have been shown how to use them properly so if it works use it. Remember to use them as a check not a choke, the idea is just to get the dogs attention

Good luck with the training. Make sure you keep up with the alpha training and obedience as he sounds like he may become a little aggressive if not delt with now. Keep reading the book and learning, it all helps. let me know how things go.

Kind Regards

Todd Field