Agression training, for how long?

Posted by Cris
Sep 26, 2007
We have worked with our Golden Retriever, Harley, who was showing signs of aggression. He was attacking our new puppy, he bit both of his owners and was very aggresive when he was boarded. We went through the steps suggested in the Alpha training and he responded VERY well. We also had him neutered. We are feeling confident his aggression is under control. The question I have is, how long do we continue to treat him in these ways ie. only petting him on the body, making him sit or lie down and wait for food, and sit before he "gets" anything? Is this behavior for the training period or a permanent change in how we interact with him? We have three other Goldens and we treat them differently because they have not been aggressive at all. Well, I guess one of the females is an Alpha but she has never bitten..she growls and postures with the other female dog mainly.
Posted by MartyEd
Dec 18, 2007
Hi there Cris,

The alpha dog techniques are a change in lifestyle and a way in which you will need to constantly interact with your dog(s) rather than just a training procedure to help in the short term. For this reason, you and your family will all need to help and partake in these alpha training techniques. With continual use of these techniques your dogs will continue to see that you are boss and they will not ever question your authority. Remember the keys of consistency, praise and the use of reprimands only when necessary.

Best of luck and please let us know how you get on.

Kind Regards,

Mark Edwards
SitStayFetch Team