Posted by maddie
Nov 20, 2008
My dog is about 4 years old and has always been perfectly fine with noises. Since 4th of July she freaks out when I put her outside. She tries to break in, destroys anything in her way. What can I do?
Posted by Annie
Nov 25, 2008
Hello there,
sorry to hear your dog got such a fright! it can be really distressing for animals with loud noises. I donĀ“t realy know, but I would think trying to reasure her. Start with traffic and treats, stand in the busy town etc etc, but it sounds like she is scared to be alone? Is it just when she is outside alone? or is it different when you are with her? Try to avoid reassuring her when she is scared as this encourages her nervous behaviour. Try to do basic training like sit and when she can do this then reward. Trying to distract her from her nervousness. Having some loud noise round the house like a radio might also help....I hope someone with more experience in this area writes soon.