Anxious of other dogs

Posted by My-Dog-Cash
Oct 28, 2009
I have a one year old Corgi, he's a wonderful dog, very smart, active, and obedient for the most part. He shows signs of dominance at times, though he is neutered. The only problem I have is around other dogs, usually unfamiliar dogs. He shows signs of discomfort around other dogs, even at a distance, barking or growling. I got him when he was seven months old, he was not well socialized, and was not taken for walks. I did my best to begin to socialize him, plenty of walks, visits to the dog park, and finding him buddies, but he is not comfortable in most situations. When I have him on leash and he sees another dog he'll pull, growl, and snap (if close enough). Off leash he will charge, get in the face of the other dog, and bark. I try to calm him down and allow him to meet other dogs, he will respond well at times, but he always appears to be stressed (hair up, not allowing them to sniff him). I try to use plenty of positive reinforcement when he is calm around other dogs, but he always seems surprised and threatened to see another dog around.

Any suggestions are welcomed.
Posted by LetsPlay
Nov 4, 2009
Hi there,

it is a lot of effort to socialize a dog who missed out on proer socialization when little, but it is possible. It just takes a bit longer that's all.

Make sure that you don't tense up when you see another dog. Your dog will be able to tell that you are anxious and react accordingly.

Try to make him sit or stay (a command that is easy for him to do and he knows well) and then praise him like crazy for doing it. That way you stay in charge of the situation and you can actually praise him for doing something right.

You might also want to read the Alpha Dog section. You will need to be the pack leader, so that your odg look s towards you for cues on how to act in different situations. The stronger leader you are the less stressed your dog has to be.

Let us know how you get on.

Posted by My-Dog-Cash
Nov 23, 2009
Hey, thanks for the reply,

I've read the Alpha dog section and am practising much of it. Things seem to be improving, I'm able to keep my dog from running off to chase other dogs when off leash. He is still anxious when on a leash and he voices that when on walks by growling, barking, and speeding up.

I've been getting him around more dogs to play, which he does quite well. However, when he plays, he spends a lot of time wrestling with the other dogs, teething and such. I think it is fine and I discipline him if he takes it too far. I find he is really quite good when he gets a chance to calm down and play with the other dog for a little while. But when he is on leash and sees the same dog he'll bark and growl, and pull. He just can't get comfortable with introductions while on a walk.

I'm just wondering if I should keep doing what I'm doing, as far as getting him to play with dogs more often, or if there is more to it? I do little excersizes on leash, like going to the pet store and on walks to try and get him to focus on me instead of the other dogs. Is there anything else I can do?