Appropriate neutering age

Posted by Diane
Jun 18, 2008

I just purchased the SitStayFetch e-book yesterday and it is the answer to my prayers as I was starting to have many issues with my German Shepherd 9 year old male and needed help. I have already started putting into practice what I'm learning and the results are amazing.

As a part of dealing with early stages of aggression I plan to have my dog neutered. He is 9 years old and I was wondering if it is safe and appropriate to have him neutered at this age?
Posted by Todd
Jun 19, 2008
HI there and thanks for the question.

Neutering is a great idea for dogs of all age. It has some affect on interdog aggression, some mild affects on dominance aggression but most importantly stops testicular cancer which is very common and also prostate problems which are common in old dogs.

Affecting his behaviour will only be a minor effect.
At his age he will need some special considerations including possible pre-surgery blood tests, and special considerations during surgery eg fluids and the safest poss anaesthetics. Talk to your vet about it to hear there views.

Posted by Diane
Jul 2, 2008
Thank you very much for your response - I appreciate the help.