Bad Behavior from my Australian Shepherd

Posted by hollaway3
Mar 16, 2009
I have a 1 1/2 yr old female Australian Shepherd, Ginger, that seems to be getting worse with her behavior. She has never really bonded with my husband probably because he traveled all week long for the first couple of months we had her. He is traveling again now, but regardless whenever he is home she growls at him the entire time and won't let him touch her. She runs from him and when he is not paying attention to her she follows him. He tries to be her friend and gives her treats, but she still won't have anything to do with him. I also have 3 children ages 9 to 3 yrs. old that Ginger will play with individually, but will not let them play together because she is so jealous. I also have an elderly aunt that lives with us. I have followed the Alpha Dog training and I am the only person in our house that she respects. If anyone else tries to do anything with her she acts ugly by barking and growling at them. I am at wits end and am considering giving her away because I don't know if she will ever get along with my family. I love her dearly, but I just don't know what to do.
Posted by Idan-Kashi
Mar 16, 2009
About your husband - he should feed her from hand, take her for walks one on one and do some obedience and tricks with her. This should get her used to him.
About ranking and "dominating" young kids... I'm having the same problem.
Posted by Gossioii7
Apr 18, 2009
Looks like your question thing at the end of the post worked. Also not having to sign in is nice too. Good job. Nice list. Thanks.