Barking at neighbor

Posted by melissa-logan
Aug 23, 2012
Hi, I re-homed 2 boxers (they're 5 & 2), and have been clicker training them for 2 months which is going well. A current problem is them barking at the neighbor when he goes down our shared driveway to get the newspaper in the morning (I have a hidden fence). If they see me at the doorway, they'll generally come back straight away, but if I'm in the shower, they'll continue to bark - which isn't ideal for him or the other neighbors! Any ideas on how to stop this? Should I arm the neighbor with a clicker? treats? Or only let them out when I'm able to be present to reward them for not barking?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 11, 2012
Hi there,

Sorry for the lack of reply! How are things going, still noisy?

You could talk to your neighbor about his willingness to use a clicker or command at them to get them to quiet down with him. It may be best, however, for a while if you can try to be outside with them in the mornings when your neighbor goes to get the mail - that way you can tell them no when they bark, and can correct them in a proactive way.

One suggestion to your neighbor that may help, have him stop at the fence when the dogs bark, and wait until they stop to keep going. A lot of dogs who bark at fences respond well to this sort of training.