Barking at visitors entering the House

Posted by Karen-Wilson
Oct 1, 2008
Daisy is a Shep Cross bitch - 15mths old.

She is very loving and obedient around the house and whilst on walks, however, whenever a friend enters our house, she won't stop barking at them, especially men - she doesn't bear her teeth or lunge forward - just barks constantly.

Any ideas how to stop this?

Karen W
Posted by Maggiesmom1
Oct 2, 2008
I have found a squirt bottle with plain water is the answer to "correct" behaviors like too much barking. It startles the dog and they will quiet down. Be sure to say "no barking!" when you squirt.
Posted by Annie
Oct 2, 2008
hi there,
I´m a big believer in ignoring. You need to set in place rules for your dog when the door goes. What does she do? It would be good if she could not join you at the door, but wait quietly somewhere. I have some ideas for this as well if this is also a problem.´

This technique worked for us, but it was harder to train all the humans involved

The guest should TOTALLY ignore your girl....totally. They should not greet her, laugh at her, make eye contact...nothing. The idea is that she is beyond their notice and not important to them no matter what tricks she pulls. They will not greet her until she is absolutely relaxed. This may take a long time ( possibly 30mins or so) and visitors may need to do this ( shorter versions) always. The visitor is waiting until you say that they can greet your dog.

Your dog is asked to stay on a certain place. You could attach a short lead and leave it on. Take her firmly, lead her to her blanket and say the command to stay. Somewhere nice that she can still see you. I guess that she will scamper back for more barking , so repeat this. This is going to be not a very nice visit for your guest so have lots of yummy cakes and coffee to encourage them to stay

You need to repeat this over and over. Your voice should be firm and commanding but not overly loud and dont repeat the command over and over, just once for every cycle. Give her a treat as soon as she sits on her place and stops barking for even a small moment. Don´t spend time complimenting her....get back to your visitor.

Quite quickly you should see that your dog is very unhappy with this new situation and she may become frustrated, possibly a small growl or a grumble at the new rules. She will understand the situation quickly ( by quickly I mean possibly 20 times or more) and she may turn on her ' I´m so unhappy eyes'....Don´t fall for it! Ignore her when she is on the blanket, and quickly react when she hops off.

Ask her to wait while your guest leaves, but still don´t make a big deal out of it.

This is not her visitor and she is not expected to entertain, protect, tell funny jokes, or whatever she´s doing. Her job is to chill out and enjoy some sleep time.

It will be hard ( sad eyes, crazy visits etc ) but if you are really really consequent you should see changes after a coupla days.

Let me know if anything helps.