Barks & Runs towards Vehicles

Posted by Joyce-Lynch
Jul 4, 2008
My 8 month old Boarder TerrierxJack Russell barks and lunges towards traffic whilst on the leash walking on the footpath near a main road.

I have tried stopping and trying to reasure her but she wont stop doing it.

What do I do to stop her also she has her own place in the back of the car but has poohed in the car on three occasions even though it was only a 10min journey :confused:
Posted by Annie
Jul 5, 2008
Hi there,
That sounds like a fun game for your dog and a scarey one for you? My dog used to chase cars and we came up with lots of ways to shock her out of this behaviour. If it´s a game, you could empty a bucket of water over her next time she lunges for a car? If you think it´s nervousness than she needs to have LOTS of sitting around while cars wizz past. The pooping in the car doesn´t sound good.....A quick run for our dog fixed the travel nerves.
I believe that our dog thought that cars were big colourful balloons just made for her to catch! It was only when she banged the side of one ( luckily that was all) and got a real fright. We also had friends drive past and when she barked or lunged they stopped and shook a can of stones or a water pistol. It all helped but it took a long time to trust her.
Your dog lunging in the street sounds more like she is trying to protect you from these evil machines....
I hope someone can help more...
Posted by Joyce-Lynch
Jul 6, 2008
Hi Annie
Thanks for your reply.
I think my dogs problem is fear of cars and she sees them as large noisy monsters rushing up behind her & maybe has this same fear when she travels in our own car.
I intend to keep taking her where there are cars (The only way to get to the park I take her to is along a main road)
Perhaps once she knows I wont let anything hurt her perhaps she will eventually stop doing it.

Posted by Annie
Jul 6, 2008
hi there,
yeah that sounds good. She needs to believe that no matter how scarey it is that she needs to trust you. Visit lots of main roads. Also...don´t give her attention unless she is reacting in a good way. Don´t try to reasure her as this is also encouraging her...good luck,