Barks in the middle of the night

Posted by SandyRyan
Oct 28, 2009
I have a 4.5 year old Australian Cattledog -and he is full of energy. The problem we are having is between 12 and 2 - he goes outside and sits at the back gate and barks...
I can just imagine him getting up - going outside and saying to his friends (hi, I'm awake - talk to me).. of course in reality - his friends are asleep (and an acre away) - but then again, he could be saying Hi to the Coyotes...
We have a Coyote fence, so I'm not worried about them getting in - but I'm tired of being awaken every night.
He gets plenty of exercise and in general is a good boy...
Any help would be appreciated... i've tried bark collars - that didn't work. I've tried the bark bird house, to no avail -- and we are starting to close the doggie door - but that doesn't seem to help, he just barks from inside.

Posted by LetsPlay
Nov 4, 2009
Hi Sandy,

how long have you had him for?
Reading your other post as well as does douns like he is a very vocal dog.
What do you usually do when he starts barking? Do you tell him off or ignore him? Has he got the run of the house at night as well as the garden? Has he been crate trained?
How long does the barking last for? Does he stop after a while?