Beagle Pup Refuses to stop Crying

Posted by jenandrade
May 5, 2012
I have the most beautiful little Beagle pup, (8 weeks old) who has just been a joy in every single way except one.
At night, she REFUSES to sleep on her own bed, and needs to be cuddled up to me every night!

I have tried EVERYTHING! From letting her have something of mine on her bed, to having a hot water bottle with her, to having a ticking clock near her (i am told this resembles the sound of her mother's heartbeat??) but she just refuses to sleep anywhere else!!!!!!!

As soon as bed time comes and i set her down, she WAILS, HOWLS and generally SCREAMS for HOURS AND HOURS!!!!! (not even exaggerating, i am talking AT LEAST 6 hours!!!) she literally DOES NOT SLEEP! However, the MILLISECOND that i pick her up and put her into bed with me she stops. And the is silent for the rest of the night!

She's not a general crier, she cries for about 15 minutes after i leave for work in the morning (i checked with the neighbours) but then is silent for the rest of the day.

Does ANYONE have any ideas as to how i can coax her into sleeping on her own bed???? As much as i would be willing for her to sleep on the bed every night, my husband is not so willing. :rolleyes:

Thank you so much!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
May 9, 2012
Hi jenandrade,

This is in fact a game of patience. And, unfortunately your pup won

I don't think there is nothing you can do besides just being firm and consistent and patient. Pick a weekend so that lack of your sleep won't be so much of a problem and just be as stobborn as your pup.

It will be very helpful to first crate train her. Once she gets used to sleep in a crate (maybe you have already done) put her in a crate when her bed time comes and throw in a treat and your old sweater or something. Shut the door and plate the crate the farest place from your bedroom. Keep all the doors closed. Don't even go check on her. She will be fine. When she gets tired of howling and baying (your pup is a Beagle after all) she will just go to sleep. Make sure she gets a lot of exercise during the day. If needed, cover the crate with a towl or something to make her baying less disturbing.

Once you are determined to train her to sleep by herself, don't go backwards. If you do, you will have to start it all over again. Even during the day when you are at home, make some time that she will be left out in her kennel for one or two hours. Everything is a routine. Once the routine is done, it will be a habit and your pup won't even make any fusses at all.

Again, the key is to be firm, consistent and patient. Good luck
Posted by jenandrade
May 12, 2012
Thank you so much for that!

Fingers crossed!