Billy Boy (Golden Retriever Puppy) refused to eat for more than a week..

Posted by jessechp
Jun 6, 2008
I owned a Golden Retriever named Billy and he is now 9months old. Billy is a very health puppy. He is active and likes to stay along with my family members. He stays in our house with us. We have another two 11months old and another 10 year old local dog staying outside the house. Recently, Billy refused to eat for more than a week. I have tried giving him all types of delicious food right from steamed to stir fry chicken meat, dog can food and other food that we think is healthy for him. He just refused to eat. I even need to force him to eat through spoon feeding. He would ate a little bit only. He doesn't show any sickness. He runs and play actively with my other doggies. He loves to drink a lot of plain water. I tried to make him eat by telling him that if he finishes his meal he would be given a treat. Well, he obeyed at first but later he refused as well. He would opt for the treats instead of his food. When he is outside the house, he would go to eat the grass. So, I thought he might be sick. So, I took him to the vet. The vet told me that he had a fever and gave him an injection and commented that his blood is infected. Vet also told me that he has not enough blood and they gave him another injection to gain Billy's appetite. The vet also advised me to give him antibiotics and vitamins for a week. I thought Billy's problem would be over after the injections and medications for the last 3 days. To my disappointment, he still refused to eat.
Yesterday, I found him having ulcer under his tounge. Is there anything wrong with Billy for loosing his appetite? He is getting thin now. I hope you would revert to my email. Thanks..
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Jun 7, 2008
Hi jessechp

I understand you are worried about Billy Boy not eating more than a week. I would be very worried too if it was one of my dogs.

As I read your posting, I think it is a medical problem, rather than a behavioral problem. If you are not satisfied with the vet, you should take Billy Boy to another vet. It sounds like Billy Boy still has energy to run and play but not having appetite at 9 months old doesn't sound normal to me, especially if he has a fever.

Please don't waste any more time and ask for a professional advice and treatment.

I hope there is nothing serious and he will be regaining appetite soon.
Posted by jessechp
Jun 9, 2008
Hi MaxHollyNoah ,

Thanks for the advice. I have actually taken him to our regular vet last Friday. The previous Vet was not Billy's regular vet. I told the Vet the actual picture of Billy's problem as well as the ulcer under his tounge and I also took all the medication that he was taking from the previous Vet. Billy's regular vet gave him new medication.

Billy is such a good boy. I never have any problem giving him pills. He would just let me open his mouth, put the pills in and off he goes swallowing his medicine. But on the other hand, he is too nervous whenever we take him to the vet. He would definitely refused to enter the consultation room. No matter how gentle the Vet with him, he would still try to bite the Vet's hand off his body. He hate injections. I am still trying hard to overcome his fear. Other times, he is friendly with people around him.

His ulcer is getting better now. He is starting to gain his appetite back. However, he still needs to be spoon feeded. Do you think it would becomes a permanant bad habit for Billy to be spoon feeded in long run? :confused:
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Jun 10, 2008
Hi jessechp!

I am so glad to hear that you took Billy Boy to your regular vet and he is actually getting better.

I know a GR named Shelly that has small appetite but she has so much energy. She does not finish her food at the regular meal times so her owner just leaves the food out all the time.

All my 3 dogs eat up their food so quickly. So when we have Shelly with us along with our dogs, I have to make sure she eats her food otherwise my dogs will eat her food. Therefore, I end up hand feed her until she finishes (she chews every morsel of food and it takes forever!).

As you can see every dog has different appetite and different eating habit so maybe Billy Boy is like Shelly???

Anyway, I am glad to hear that he is getting his appetite back.

Take care!!
Posted by jessechp
Jun 10, 2008
Yeah.. Perhaps you are right. Billy Boy is just like shelly.

Well, have a look at Billy Boy's photo taken when he was 5months old.