Biting Ankles

Posted by davidrochoa
Jun 10, 2009
I am having a problem with a dog nipping at the ankles when he plays. He does not start out this way but seems to escalate to this behavior as he becomes more and more excited about playing.
Posted by LetsPlay
Jun 11, 2009
Hi there,
this should eb easy to fix.
How old is your dog?
If the play starts out normally you should praise your dog a lot. As soon as he starts to bite your ankles turn away, walk out of the room and ignore him/her for at least 15 minutes.
Your dog will quickly learn that biting will mean that the fun will end, whereas calm behavior will mean praise.

If your dog is an Austrailain Cattle Dog (blue heeler) it might take a bit longer to train him/her. These dogs are highly intelligent, but they have been bred to bite cattle in the ankles to herd them, so it's a natural thing for them to do.
Nevertheless you will be able to teach them the same as any other breed.

Good luck.
Posted by davidrochoa
Jun 15, 2009
Thanks so much. I will do.
Posted by KOPsarah
Jun 19, 2009
hi, just wanted to say that your advice is excellent letsplay. I would also add that if your dog continues to try to get your attention while you are trying to ignore it you can use a full time out for 5 minutes in a quite place alone such as in another room or in its crate.

Good luck with your training and I'm sure you will notice rapid results.