Biting Clothes and legs

Posted by Aussie-Lyn
Mar 11, 2011
My 15wk old Toy Poodle jumps up and bites my skirts or pants causing damage. She will not take a loud NO for an answer. She is mainly excited when this happens.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Mar 13, 2011
Hi Aussie Lyn:

Jumping and biting are both natural behaviors of puppies. If you puppy had playmates or siblings, she would be biting and jumping on them. Especially for smaller breeds, jumping is the only way for them to get close to you so it can be seen very often.

When you want your puppy to stop her natural behaviors, instead of just saying "No", you will have to redirect those behaviors by giving them alternatives:

Teach your dog to "Sit" is a good way to stop her jumping. Of course, you should reward her for obeying the command.

For biting, say "Ouch!" in a loud voice to let her know that it hurt you as you offer her something to bite/chew. such as chew toys, Kongs, ropes, etc. She will soon learn the difference between she can bite and should not bite/chew.

Good luck
Posted by KOPCaroline
Mar 15, 2011
Hey Aussie Lyn,

Another suggestion that I've had experience with working for jumping dogs - when she jumps, turn your back to her and ignore her until she settles down. The idea is to remove any kind of exciting stimulus from her, and not give her any attention until she behaves herself.

You can combine it with sit, by giving the command until she calms down, while otherwise ignoring her.

Never respond to her jumping with excited movement (arm flapping, clapping, etc) and try to use a stern voice (not one that sounds excited or happy).

Let us know if her problem gets better! On top of the advice, it is likely that she'll calm down with age