Biting Pug

Posted by hubie
Jan 21, 2008

I subscribed to the dog training program offered by the, after religiously sticking on the programs ebooks my dog has not changed a bit. The problem with him is he is very adorable when he gets out of out house. But whenever he is inside our house, garage or anywhere that is within his territory he get aggressive and bites anyone who is not a member of the household.

I don't know now what I am doing wrong with his training, he seems to be really territorial.

Hope to get some tips from you guys.
Posted by Todd
Jan 22, 2008
Hi there and thank you for your question.

This does sound very like a territorial aggression issue.

The first advice i would give you is to ensure you and your family members have read and understand the techniques in the bonus book "Secrets to becoming the Alpha Dog". These are great techniques for maintaining or establishing your position at the head of the household. No matter what the problem is all dogs need to know where they stand in the house for both yours and their peace and comfort.

Here are some ways to reinforce your position-
1) If you come across your dog while he is sleeping or lying on the floor then you can reinforce your position as alpha dog by making him move so that you can pass by.

2) Make sure that you always go through doorways first. A good method to reinforce your position as alpha dog is to walk your dog around the house on the leash, making your dog wait while you walk through doorways first.

3) At mealtimes make sure that your dog or dogs eat after all of the humans have.

4) Do not feed your dogs tidbits or let it pester you at the table. Save the morsels and tidbits for training sessions instead.

5) Do not greet your dogs straightaway when you arrive home. Make it wait until you are ready and then call it to you.

6) Whenever your dogs want attention or anything wait till they are sitting and being well behaved

You should reprimand your dogs for unacceptable behavior, no matter what that behavior is. If you do not reprimand your dog's poor behavior then it will feel that it has the right to behave that way and it will take much longer to correct the behavior. What I recommend you do, is the next time your dog acts poorly and exhibits dominant tendencies (growling), saturate your dog with the garden hose or a bucket of water, or if it is inside, throw a heavy blanket over your dog and be sure to reprimand it. DO NOT yell, as this has no effect on the dominant dog. Growl instead, use a guttural growl like " AAHHH!" instead of "No!", as this makes a sharper sound then "No" (If done correctly it may hurt your throat a little).

The other important thing to work on is your dogs general obedience. It is very important that when you give a command your dog responds to it. work with him for 15 minutes twice a day on the basic commands of sit, stay and come. It is important that he is well trained so that you can control him no matter what the situation.

I would also recommend you stop him being able to be on couches and beds. These act as symbols to be aggressive over.

As for the aggression to strangers and visitors.

Get an adult friend to come and visit (make sure that you tell them what is happening!).

• As your friend knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, make your dog sit and give it a treat then put its collar on and take it to either a crate or a secure room. If your dog is too much of a handful at even this stage then you will have to put it away before your visitor gets to the door.

• Sit your friend down in a room that is not often used by your dog. Give you friend some treats so that they can give them to your dog.

• Go to your dog and make it sit. Put a muzzle as well as the choke collar or gentle leader on.

• Get your dog to heel then take it into the room that your friend is in. Make sure that your friend does not give any eye contact. Act as happy as you can while petting your dog.

• If your dog growls or disobeys your commands at ANY TIME then squirt it with water or shake a pebble filled can to startle it. Have the water pistol or can in your dogs view at all times.

• Make your dog sit quite a long way from your guest, perhaps in the doorway of the room. When your dog is calm get it to heel and move it closer, then get it to sit again. Praise your dog when it sits and heels properly.

• When your dog is calm and you have moved it and made it sit within 5 feet of the guest then get the guest to give your dog a treat. Make sure that the guest does not look your dog in the eyes.

• Preferably you will repeat this twice a day for several weeks. That may not be entirely practical for you but will give you the best chance of success.

This method requires that your dog knows and responds to the sit and heel commands. Make sure that your dog can do this before you attempt this method.

You haven't mentioned whether he is neutered or not. If he isn't hormones can have a part to play in these situations so i would recommend you neuter him.

Keep at this with him because it will take time for him to learn. Good luck and let me know how things go.

Kind Regards

Todd Field