Biting houseguests

Posted by teresa-carpenter
Sep 1, 2012
Our newly rescued stray ChiMinPin passively bites every stranger that comes to our house. Often after they have been over for a long time and always when the guest has their back turned and is paying no attention to her whatsoever. I know she is biting out of fear not territorial ism. How do I address the situation when she DOES bite...and how can I teach her. It to bite in the future?
Posted by KOPCaroline
Sep 12, 2012
Hi there,

How does your dog react when guests turn up at your house? Does she growl before she bites, or is it literally just walk up and chomp when the person isn't looking?

I would start by telling your guests to ignore the dog while always keeping an eye on her - dont give her opportunities to sneak up and bite.

If your dog reacts aggressively when guests turn up - try removing her from the room for a while, then letting her back out when your guests are settled. Do the same IMMEDIATELY if she does get a bite in - its called time out training. She bites = she gets put in a small, quiet room by herself for at least 10 minutes to calm down.

Always reward her calm behaviour around guests - dont coddle her and baby talk, but tell her shes a good dog when shes just sitting or ignoring guests in your house.