Biting puppy

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Sep 17, 2007
Our new addition is a (now) 16 week old Siberian Husky, which we got at the age of 8 weeks. We've previously owned 5 other huskies (one at a time), so we're familiar with the breed.
This pup, though, is different. He "bites" on the entire family. The weird thing is that he has no food aggression, he walks on the leash with no problems, and he is gentle right after he wakes up and right before he goes to sleep. HOWEVER, when he's "up", he tends to bite or nip at any of the family.
We've tried just about everything: time outs in the crate; holding his snout closed and saying "no!"; lightly pinching the inside of his mouth (the vet said to try this); making a "yelping" sound when he bites; and even making loud noises with the "rocks in the can" or smacking a rolled-up newspaper in our hand. The "noise" treatments make him jump back for a few seconds, then he's at it again. The other methods appear to have no deterrent effect at all.
We've never had a pup do this before. This is obviously something we need to correct now. ANY suggestions appreciated!! Thanks.....
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Sep 17, 2007
Sorry, I forgot to mention that he is as friendly as can be to strangers, other dogs, etc. -- no aggressions at all, and he doesn't ever offer to bite anyone or anything else except the immediate family.
Posted by Bassett-Mommy
Oct 8, 2007
[COLOR="Blue"]I have the same problem with my Bassett. He is doing the exact same thing and I have tried all the noise correction and even so far as to try the leash training with the collar and that isn't helping either. I hope someone posts some kind of response because I am at wits end also.

Good Luck!
Posted by liz
Oct 20, 2007
I am so glad that there are others out there having the same trouble I thought we had a nutty puppy Oscar (Lowchen) bites us or nips us not hard but we are just going crazy with it has anyone got any ideas?????
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Oct 25, 2007
Having a puppy that nips is a very common situation, however it's important to sort the problem out now rather than in 6 months time when the dog, and teeth, are much bigger! The yelping like a puppy would is a very common method of getting puppies to stop play biting, because it replicates bite inhibition taught to a pup by it's siblings when they are still very young. However, it's not always effective. Time Out is also a great way ot teaching a pup that play biting leads to isolation - only good behavior is rewarded with attention.

There are a few other things that I can suggest to help with this issue. Firstly, the use of the Alpha techniques is vital because it teaches each pup/dog that they are actually at the bottom of the pack. If they know their place they are more likely to take note of any commands and corrections given. However, if they are not being effectively shown their place in the pack, they are less likely to take any notice of reprimands etc.

If possible, try to have daily obedience lessons with your pup. Not only does this help reinforce your Alpha position, but it helps improve responsiveness, and also provides the pup with mental stimulation. If the dog is exercising it's mind, then this helps to use up some of it's energy, and therefore hopefully making it less hyper.

Please ensure that you provide your pup with suitable chew toys. This will also help keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated, and will help soothe sore teeth and gums in case of new teeth growing. It will also give you something to distract your dog from your arm or trouser leg!

I hope this helps. Good luck