Bizarre Behaivour

Posted by lourdes-planas-campos
Jan 22, 2008
I have three small dogs, two cross breed teckels and a bichon. The teckels, one nine years old and the other five, have been living together during five years in perfect harmony untill last summer when the eldest one attacked the younger dog. I have stopped the fights squirting water and separating them or playing with both when I felt that a fight was about to begin. Things have been getting on quite well and I seem to have solved the problem. I am a member of an Adoption Center and have had in my house during two months a dog with a broken hip and leg, which has been finally adopted by another family. While this dog was home, the four dogs were happy, played together and my eldest teckel -Moussey- did not bother at all. By the way my bichon does not interfere at all and lives a happy life. I am being offered now a yorkshire who has been abandoned and wonder whether bringing this dog home would solve Moussey' s problems, just as the previous dog did. I live in a house with garden and have no space problems. Is it my perception or could a new dog really distract Moussey┬┤s attention from Pulgui (the younger teckel) and let her alone? I would appreciate your comments.
Posted by lourdes-planas-campos
Feb 5, 2008
Could I get a reply to my question sent on the 22nd of Jan.?