Blue Heeler Pros needed!

Posted by kktown1
Apr 3, 2012
We have a lovely 9 month old Blue Heeler. I adore her! She loves to nip at our hands when we are playing and will occasionally bite down (not out of aggression). Is there any way to be playful with her and use our hands, but teach her not to actually bite our hands?
Also, what are the best ways to teach her boundries in a yard without being on a chain?
By what age should she be completely house trained? We are using the crate method and works well.
Thanks for any advice you have!
Posted by KOPCaroline
Apr 15, 2012
Hi there,

Thanks for your post!

As far as nipping, the Secrets to Dog Training handbook has a section on this - have you tried the ideas there? When she nips, stand up with your back turned and your arms crossed across your chest so she can't get at your hands. When she calms down and is sitting nicely, say "good girl" and give her something appropriate to chew on, like a toy. Alternatively, when she nips, yelp like a puppy or say "no" loudly, and then give her something appropriate to chew on. This way, you can continue playing, but avoid getting your hands nipped

For teaching boundaries, I would say just keep an eye on her in the yard and call her back when she reaches the limits you have set. Do you have a fence? It will be hard to keep her contained when she's not on a chain or lead, unless you keep a constant eye on her and correct her everytime she gets near a boundary.

House training is specific to individual dogs, but with constant repetitive training, she should be good within a few weeks of starting housetraining. My dog had the idea within 2 weeks, but my flatmates took about 4 weeks to be well behaved inside. Just be sure to be consistent with training!

Good luck - keep us posted please!