Boxer owns backyard

Posted by susan-schreckengost
Oct 6, 2012
I have 5 boxers: Lexie (Mom, 41/2 yo), Rebel (Dad, 18 mos old) and 3 of their 5 month old pups. The problem is whenever me or my husband go in backyard with all dogs, Rebel starts barking at us and jumping, not on but at us and nudging us with his nose. It's like the back\yard belongs to him and he is going to take over. We already feed all dogs after us, they all stay behind us going out or through the door and are respectful at the front door when someone comes in.
Posted by redchelsea87
Oct 7, 2012
My 4/5 year old shepherd rottie mix does this also, when he wants to play, especially when he wants to throw ball. I just make him wait until I decide to throw the ball, so he doesn't think that excited behavior is ok. Not sure if this is what your pet is doing but sounds similar
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 13, 2012
I do wonder if this behaviour is just attention seeking/excited. I'd say, as redchelsea did, ignore him and walk away. Even if it means you kind of have to walk in circles in the yard until he calms down and stops. See if that helps - it doesnt sound like a dominance behaviour to me.