Boxer puppy is becoming agressive with my other dogs

Posted by ramitaz
Nov 1, 2007
I have a 9 month old female boxer puppy who is becoming aggressive with some of my other dogs.
We had the puppy fixed about 3 weeks ago.
She appears to be resource aggressive, only sometimes and only with some of my other dogs.
It may be a dominance aggression thing also.
She has never been aggressive with my 3 yr old female Chihuahua.
She has been aggressive with my 11 mo old female Great Dane twice, and I believe it was over me both times. No blood was shed these 2 times because I pulled her off before she had a chance to do any damage.
She has been aggressive with my 13 yr old female basset hound twice. Both times it was in the kitchen on the side where we prepare food and get the cats dishes ready to feed them. No blood was shed because again I was quick to pull her off.
She has attacked my 12 yr old male basset 4 times. Twice was in the kitchen area where we prepare food. Once was over me. Once was for some reason I cannot determine. All 4 times there was blood shed and poor Fred had to wear bandages and take medicine
This all started about 2 months ago. Before that we were all 1 big happy family
We now have to keep the boxer (Tazzy) seperated from all of the other dogs except Cleo the Great Dane. Tazzy now seems to tolerate Cleo being anywhere and doing everything with her.
I have read the alpha dog and the aggressive dog extras that came with the book.
Does anyone have any ideas!!!!
I need help:confused:
Posted by Blue
Mar 26, 2008
How are your aggression problems with the pup going (or not so pup anymore )
I hope you have been able to work it out. I'm newer to the forum and I'm trying to answer some of the posts that didn't receive responses.:rolleyes: