Can 2 wild rescues be trained to be non aggressive at 12 months?

Posted by zuskamiller
Sep 29, 2009
HELP!!! I ordered the secrets to dog training along with the downloadable DVDs. I have 2 aussie mix that were rescues and acquired them from the wild at the age of 8 months. I have had them 4 months and they are aggressive towards other people and animals. We boarded them to go on a trip and I used your techniques to prepare them for the boarding. When we arrived to our destination and caled the kennel, they informed us that our dogs, a male and female would not allow them to get near their cage and that they were attacking their cages when anyone came near. They would not even let them take them out to the bathroom. We took the dogs to the kennel twice before we boarded them and introduced them to the staff. They seemed fine although they growled very low, they never snapped or attacked. When we picked them up from their 5 night stay they were both at the rear of the kennel about 10 feet from the door, crouched down. The kennel attendant said that they were very good dogs, that when they went to change their food and water, they simply got up and went to the back of the kennel. My question is this...Can these dogs be trained to be non aggressive at this point. They are a year old and I have tried everything. I will continue to use your suggestions stated from the book and videos but am wondering if I am missing something. They are MUCH better than they were 2 months ago and I am hoping this will just take time and patience (which I have) What else do you recommend? Thanks S:confused:usan Miller
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Sep 30, 2009
Hi zuskamiller,

Sounds like your aussie mixes have fear aggression due to lack of socialization when they were young.

They can learn to be more comfortable with new people and stranger dogs but it will take a lot of time and patience. What you need to do is to give them all possible opportunities to get used to friendly people/dogs. Don't hurry or force them because it can backfire.

It will be easier to have one dog exposed to people at a time, instead of both dogs at the same time. The reason is when one dog feels uneasy it can quickly be felt by the other. If you have one confident dog and one scared dog it will be good to have both meet new people since the confident one will help the scared one be more relaxed.

Invite your friends who love dogs over and have them give a little treat to each of your dogs. You can encourage your dogs to come closer to your friends and make sure your friends kneel down and don't bring their hands over the dogs' heads because that will make your dogs coward away. Wait for the dogs to come close.

Remember there are only two things they can do when they encounter spooky things: Fly or Fight. Since your dogs didn't get enough socialization most of new things seem spooky to them, that include new people and new dogs. That's why they chose to fly (stay away) from the care givers at the kennel. If the care givers had come too close to your dogs ignoring their growls (warning to tell them not to come closer) they might have bitten them (fight). Therefore, please don't force them when practicing socialization.

It will be baby steps but it will definetely improve your dogs reaction to new people and dogs.

Good luck