Can you help!

Posted by imrjb
May 30, 2008
I adpoted a rescue dog two years ago. He has issues (don't we all). I have tried the alpha techniques but he still is anxious and feels he needs to protect me. At home he jumps up everytime I move and follows me everywhere. If he isn't in the room, it's rare that he doesn't check on me to see what I am doing. He does need more exercise, but if we meet another dog, he barks and pulls and is uncontrollable. he did go to obe. class when i got him (and passed) but he did have problems with one of the other dogs. I have tried a gentle leader and am currently using the Illusion collar. His walking has improved but not his attitude toward other dogs. We have a dog next door and they run along the fence together and do bark at one another ocassionally but he barks mainly at the neighbor's cats. I have taught him quiet but he doesn't always stop. He just lacks concentration. His attention is lost easily. (He even forgot he was eating once when i opened the back door -he rushed out). he is territorial about his yard and when we go camping, our lot is his yard. He barks at dogs going by (and sometimes people).
Posted by toadtalk
May 30, 2008
Now I know why my dog was dropped off at the pound. He is a rescue also and we have had him almost 3 months. He is very afraid of people...especially men. He was obviously abused by a man. It has taken my boyfriend 3 months to get him to not bark at him every time he moves.

He is very very attached to my Standard Poodle....has been since the moment the Rescue society dropped him off to us. And then he attached to me....he follows me every where. I don't dare take a step without looking behind me first to see if he is there.

He is a 2 year old labradoodle....very strong and about 55 pounds. At first he just hid and didn't move unless it was just to follow the Standard. Then he warmed up to me....and then became protective of me.

If anyone else comes to our house...he barks at them for a while and then goes and hinds under my legs and if he is really stressed- he drools ! alot !

Now that he is in a "comfort zone" at home with the other dog , my boyfriend and I...his real personality is coming out. And it is a very sweet, lovable and playful personality....with a few HUGE exceptions.

He is so strong.....when he gets excited....I cannot calm him down, stop the jumping or the barking. If we are on a walk (double leash with the Standard Poodle) he pulls like crazy, jumps at anyone coming by on a bike or skate board...and even trys to jump at cars. My shoulders are wrecked from trying to walk them both......

I have even hired a dog walker to come in 3 times a week to give extra long walks to both of them.

I'm seriously considering taking him to the vet and asking for some "doggie downers" to control the exuberance in him.

What do you do to calm your dog down ?