Carpet Digger

Posted by cazgarner80
Sep 7, 2007
Hi. Looking for some advice on my dogs behaviour. I have a 1 yr old Lab cross from a rescue centre. He was good as gold when we brought him home but his behaviour has been slipping since. He constantly play bites even when you say no and remove your hands he starts biting your feet, legs, tummy etc. Has started whinning when we leave the house (we have had him since January). He has started recently choosing when to eat his food and is really clingy. If we put biscuits in his bowl and walk out of the room he will leave the biscuits and follow us around.

The most bizzare one is that he claws or digs at the carpet. At first I thought it was out of frustration of being told no but now he has started to do it when he puts his head in our laps and were stroking/scratching his neck/shoulders/body.

He doesn't seem to respect the word No and we don't believe in smacking. Any advice on what were doing wrong greatly appreciated.
Posted by eyeluvdogs
Sep 14, 2007
It seems as though your dog is a very anxious boy, and by the sounds of it, this behavior is getting worse. Often with dogs that are displaying this sort of behavior, an increase in exercise can be extremely beneficial. If dog's are tired from exercise, their mind stops racing and they calm down. I recommend that you start taking your dog for an extra walk per day. You might also want to check his food to make sure that the quality is good - I have heard of some dog foods causing hyperactivity. You should also have a look in SSF book at the Separation Anxiety section, as this may give you some good tips on fixing this over dependence he seems to have gradually developed. Your vet may also be able to suggest something that will help with his anxious behavior. Good luck!
Posted by Carmar75
Sep 18, 2007
You say he has decided when he will eat his you leave food out all the time.
When I dealt with this, I left his food out 20 mins. and put it out, leaving plenty of
water always, of course. Dogs won't starve themselves, and it's your decision again.
Wish I had a magic answer to the other stuff, good luck.