Cattledog that wants to be in control

Posted by SandyRyan
Oct 29, 2009
Sidney (besides barking at night) - goes t a day kennel periodically. The owner says that he wants to control the other dogs - not aggressively, but if they aren't playing the way he wants them to - it tells them how to play.
This is by getting close and barking at them (you can just hear it -- "hey Buddy- that's not how you play with a frisbee - you need to catch it before it lands")
Anyway, he is so talkative, that she is thinking about not taking he anymore.... which would be bad - as he loves going over there and its such a good place for him to stay, if we have to be away.

Any thoughts on how to train him not to be so "Opinionated"?
Posted by LetsPlay
Nov 4, 2009
Hi there,

does he ever play with other dogs? As in rolling around, chasing, play biting? Or is a dog that prefers to play with people?

Is he generally a dominant dog? How long have you had him for? Do you know much about his socialization phase?