Chasing or Aggression, it has to stop!

Posted by susanitamn
Apr 17, 2012
We have a 3 yr old we were given, they told us she is German Shepherd but may have something else there. She loves children and is great around them, licking them and so affectionate. My husband won't keep her on a leash, despite everything I've tried. So one day I opened the door and she bolted to chase down a boy on a skateboard and bit his ankle. Now she is considered a "dangerous dog" and the next time she bites anyone she will be put down. I think the more I watch her at the dog park, she has become addicted to chasing. Husband taught her to love chasing balls, but now she chases dogs, kids, anything that moves. I don't know if she bit the boy out of aggression or herding instinct? Please help me with some ideas to stop this as quickly as I can or we may lose her. I'm sure someone will tell me my husband has to be consistent with what is needed, but I can probably control the dog much better than my husband!
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Apr 17, 2012
Hi susanitamn,

I think you should still train your husband before the dog, because it will take a lot of time and training before she learns not to chase things moving fast.

It is all depending on the dog but some dogs really have strong instinct to chase fast moving objects and skateboards are very tempting for them. I don't think running after is an aggression but nipping and biting can be considered as an aggressive behavior.

The best way to train not to chase things like that is to teach her "Wait" and "Leave it!". When your husband throw balls for her, have him make your dog to "Wait" or "Leave it!" as he throws a ball. It is very tempting for dogs to start running the direction the ball is flying but she needs to wait until your husband say "No go for it!". This is a very good practice to build her self-control. Once she masters this command, you can take her out on a leash and have the kids go on skateboard in front of her. Before she lunges, tell her to "Leave it!" and if she does, give her a lot of praise and treats.

Hope this will work
Posted by KOPCaroline
May 1, 2012
Hi there,

I agree - I think you need to get on a united front with your husband about leashes and potentially a fence or gate of some sort - so she can't bolt onto the sidewalk or street (unsure if this is possible in your case).

Definitely work with your dog every day on basic obedience training - so that she responds to you every time. Wait, heel, sit, stay, leave it - all of these could be useful to you in controlling her should she try to bolt off after someone/something again.

Basically, I agree with everything MHN suggested, but just giving another persons opinion

How are things going now?