Chicken killing

Posted by kjj4me
Jun 14, 2010
Our 5 yr old female Lab mix has done the unthinkable: killed at least one, if not more chickens. The chickens were free range and she liked to follow them, but now has been caught in the act of killing and eating one. She is dog aggressive towards other dogs, but obeys humans well. She has been to dog training and will listen/obey when people are present. Any hope for correcting this? Thinking she may have to find another home. Have three children, one a toddler and do not have hours a day to spend on training.
Posted by kjd
Jun 14, 2010
No way to keep her from the chickens, kjj4me?

Labs are supposed to have gentle mouths, aren't they? (Retrieve the bird without hurting it?) Has she ever hunted, or is she a pet only?

You might want to talk to people with working labs. They would have the best experience with dogs that actually kill.

Good luck,