Color blind

Posted by bitingterrier76
Oct 4, 2011
I suppose most of the dog world will think I am crazy but this post I am about to say has been proven more then once to us. Dogs do not like the color green, mostly the dark shades, I have experienced 3 dogs at different times in our life and always had the same reaction from 3 different dogs. A doberman would never go near my husband when he wore anything green, other times he loved him, our neighbors dog this one was. Then we had a man digging our basement for our home, he had a spaniel type dog, she often came into the house while he worked to stay cool, one day I had on fuzzy dark green slippers, here this mild mannered dog went ballistic and ripped at the slippers until I had to take them off, then she was back to herself. Now my present dog shys away from me all day if I wear anything green, how do you account for these reactions?
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Oct 5, 2011
Hi bitingterrier76,

That's an interesting observation but green is everywhere, especially in Oregon where I live How do you explain dogs don't react to all the trees and leaves?

I suspect there was another reason/trigger to each of the cases you mentioned, for example, certain smell on your husband shirt, the way of your slipper's fuzzy stuff moving due to airflow, etc?:confused:

I heard that dogs can distinguish Blue and Yellow but all other colors look like kind of dull shades of brownish color.

I have a green jacket I wear to take dogs for walk and they all get so excited but I am sure it is not the color but their anticipation of walks
Posted by KOPCaroline
Oct 5, 2011
Hey there,

I'm a bit confused as well - I've never had dogs react badly to green anything, and as MHN suggested, what about grass especially?

I do think these reactions are probably linked to smell or movement or just generally not liking a certain object (maybe the spaniel thought slippers like yours were chew toys and was excited?).

It might also come out in your own demeanor to your dog that you're a bit apprehensive when you're wearing green around her, because of your experiences? Try leaving an item of green clothing lying on the floor when you're just sitting around the house with your dog - see what the reaction is then?
Posted by bitingterrier76
Oct 5, 2011
I know your all right as like you said the color green is all around us and he loves walking in the grass when we walk down the road, I guess it probably was just a fluke at the times this happened. :eek: