Continue with dog training problems

Posted by Debbie-Swanson
Nov 19, 2007
Still having problems with our 1 1/2 year old golden retreiver, sammie.:eek:
She is doing alot better with commands. We started from scratch. She still does better inside than outside. We did purchase a shock collar but only giving her a warning tone and not shocking her. She is stopping with that warning. I know this takes time.
She is doing better with chew toys and bones. I have been trying what you said to give the toy or bone to the other dog and her while we are home. Now she lets him have it until he walks away from it and then she snatches it up. I then tell her to leave and I take it from her. After a few minutes I will give it back. The two dogs are starting to play more. The little shitzu is doing more of the growling and barking at her now. She is backing off when he does this.
The problem now is going into her kennel.:mad: We cant trust her to be out alone during the day because she always finds something to chew on irrigardless of how much we think everything is put up. She wont go into her kennel. We have to drag her by her collar and force her in there. In the mean time, she is peeing on the floor even when she just went outside. I dont understand why she is doing this. It was so easy to put her in her kennel when we first got her. We are not using kennel as punishment just when we are gone and for sleep. WE were going to let her stay out of her kennel during sleep but she wont stay off of our bed. WE alternate giving her her chew bone and toys when she is in her kennel. Very frustrating.
Posted by MaxHollyNoah
Nov 20, 2007
Hi Debbie,

I am glad to hear that my suggestions are somewhat working.
Now, kennel and peeing on the floor issues. Lets look at the kennel issue first.

I understand that kennel will be a good solution to keep Sammie out of trouble. However, that is your (human beings) convenience. What do you think Sammie sees it? Kennel=you will be gone for a long time and she is trapped. Although you throw in a toy or bone before you leave, it is still a place that she will be left alone. No wonder she does not want to go inside. It is not fun at all for her.

I never used a kennel or crate for my dogs but I heard it is very handy and dogs will learn to like it since they feel secured in it as they get used to it.

I think you will need to use kennel not only when you go out but as a daily practice. You can put some treats (ideally something that lasts long such as Kong, etc.) in the kennel and put Sammie in there while you do house chores. Come visit her from time to time and reward her for being good. Gradually, she will learn to like it and she will go inside when she is told, I hope. This might also take time and lot of patience from your side.

I don't know much about how to fix accidents on the floor. The only thing I might want to suggest is that you actually watch her go to pee or poop when you let her out. If she does the business, praise her and treat her. It is easier to make sure she does toilet outside, rather than tell her not to do inside.

One more thing - you said Sammie listens to your commands better inside than outside. That is quite common because there are more distractions outside. What you might want to train her is to give you her attention when you ask her to do something. I would call her for no reason when you and Sammie are both inside the house, and when she comes to you, praise and reward. Keep doing this so that she will learn that there is always a good thing when she comes to you when called. Then, add distraction little by little; for example, call her when she is playing with her toy, or chewing on her bone. You and your husband call her each other at two different locations. Sammie can get a treat each time she comes to you and to your husband. You can do this kind of training as a game. Actually, it is a lot of fun, especially if Sammie can learn to take a toy or some object to the other person. I do this with my doggies.

Anyway, this is all for tonight. Good luck