Dandy Need Help!

Posted by Dandy
Apr 13, 2008
Hello! Need help on what to do. I got male 15 months Golden Retriever. My problem is that when I let him loose out of his cage, he will stay beside me for a moment but run off to the other street. I thought maybe there is just a female dog in the other street so I just ignore it and just follow him to put on his leash. But now I am a bit concern because after he runs off it looks like he is trying to find a hole in the fence and tries to get through the busy street. It's beginning to be a concern. How would I train him not to run off. He follows a stay command but will eventually runs off anyway.Need advise. thanks
My other dog is a female 1 year old Rottweiller and my problem is that everytime he sees my neighbor or any person coming to greet her she usually jump up to that person and once she get petted by them she sometime urinate in excitement. I can't find a way to get her to settle down not to jump on other people if they want to touch her. Other people who does not know her thinks that she is trying to atack them. Pls advice. Thanks
Posted by Kate
Apr 14, 2008
Hi there,
Firstly is Dandy running off when you are out walking or is it when he is still on your property? I would recommend you use a lead for him whenever you are in a situation where he may put himself in danger if he runs off. Keeping a dog beside you at all times through training is definately possible but there is always a risk that there will be something just too tempting and Dandy will run off to investigate!

As for your rottweiller, she is displaying a very common problem in young dogs, and unfortnately it sounds like this unwanted behaviour is being inadvertently reinforced. Your neighbors petting her when she jumps up is telling her this is ok. You need to start reprimanding her everytime she does this and ask her to sit. Once she has done this, keep her sitting so your neighbour or friend can approach her and pat her. You will also need to let people know not to give her any attention until she is sitting nicely. They should turn away from her and not give her attention until she has calmed down.

Good luck and let us know how you get on