Dandy the owner

Posted by Dandy
Apr 14, 2008
Hi kate. Thanks for the reply. I'm Dandy the owner. The golden Retriever name is Jacko. He usually runs off only after I let him loose from his cage. He usually remain beside me but all of of sudden runs off around the block. My property does not have any fence and it worries me that he might get run off by a car once he took off without any notice. Can you tell me how to train him not to run off. Thanks
Posted by Todd
Apr 16, 2008
Hi there

Sorry im not kate but ill try to answer.....she will tell me off if im wrong so don't worry

There are a couple of ways to help train your dog not to run off.

1) One thing that a lot of people use is an underground electric fence that will give your dog a small shock when they step over it. It is a great way to stop them running off when you dont' have a fence.

2) It is really hard to stop them from running off when you can't catch them in the act. So instead we need to teach Jacko to return.
The best way i find to do this is with a nylon line attached to his collar. Make sure you are wearing a thick glove as the line can cut.
Start with giving him one metre of line. Let him out then give him his come or return command. At the same time give him a little tug on the line. If he turns towards you at all or starts to return praise him as much as you can.

If he turns away or keeps heading off reprimand him with a GRRR or an AHHHH as well as another tug on the line.
Keep on with this for 10 minutes three times a day if possible.

As he learns to behave with this and return then slowly give him more and more line. The more line he gets the more he will learn to return. Keep it up until you have got him a fair way out.

If you ever do catch him trying to sneak away make sure you tell him off quickly. Use that loud reprimand as well as a spray with the hose or throwing a can with a few pebbles in it near him.

Good luck and let us know how things go