Posted by dunjaburkeyahoocouk
Jun 9, 2008
Hi there!

I have a 7 month old Dobermman male pup called Danny. He is lovely, a good natured dog who has been blessed with a character that allows people to want to 'pet' him! Also Danny has learned to 'socialise' with other dogs when he is 'off' the lead!
The problem is when he is on the lead-he can be vicious towards other dogs-barking and lunging at them. I have seen him on the lead with the Kennel owner the other dogs coming up to him and he is wagging his tail and giving dog kisses!! So I know it is all about me. One thing I did do was to purchase the 'citronella' spray. This seemed to be working along with giving me more confidence to try and take control. I thought the problem was getting resolved but he seems to have reverted back. I know part of the solution will be to have Danny neutered, the spray and my attitude/behaviour. I know I tense up, now and will try to avoid any confrontations (especially in the mornings before work!). Anyone got any ideas!? Please!
Posted by stephanie-Craddock
Jun 15, 2008
hi there,
thought I'd reply as I have a similar problem with my 2yr old rescue dog whos been with me for 6wks now.
First make sure you are doing alpha techniques with him, I at the mo move some distance away when i see other dogs coming towards us, then get Maax to sit or lay down while they pass (but still haven't the courage to pass to near) But maybe try just getting him to sit and wait, and lots of praise when he does just that.
Hope that maybe helps abit, does he walk to heel? also work on that?:rolleyes: